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Hello there. Don't you wish you were sitting at that table right now? Me too.

I'm feeling my chest getting a little tighter by the day as we prepare to take Lachlan back to the hospital, first for a heart catheterization this coming Monday, then for his big surgery the following Monday. He'll be there overnight for the cath and an estimated week to ten days for his Glenn.

He looks so healthy, so happy. But we know that this period between the first two surgeries is the most tenuous. The temporary shunt that they put in during his first surgery could fail at any moment, so it is best to get this second surgery over with. I only wish I could explain this to Lachlan. He's in for several weeks of high-pressure headaches after this surgery as his body adjusts to the new blood flow. Oh, little guy. I want so to protect him from all harm, yet paradoxically it will be me who hands him over to the surgeons, who will hurt him out of necessity so he can continue to enjoy life.

And enjoy it he will, I'm sure. He already does. As parents, we cannot shield our children from all suffering that comes their way in this life. We can just hold their hands and love them through those rough patches.

This video lifted my spirits.

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