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grumpy at camp cardiac

surgery day


This photo was taken a few days ago. We had a picnic with friends at a local creamery's ice cream stand out in the country.

As I look at it now, I'm comforted. Here I am, back at the pumping room in the hospital - all the familiar-yet-not-comforting smells and sounds. That little smile up there is comforting. In fact, he flashed us some super big grins this morning as we crossed the road at 6 a.m. and entered the hospital.

He is out of surgery now, and everything went well - no surprises. Now comes the hard part. Parenting a baby who is clearly uncomfortable. So hard. Patrick is with him now, holding his hand. He hasn't woken up yet, but I imagine he will sometime tonight.

I'll try and keep you updated as I am able. Thank you so much for your love and light,