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yearning for normal

lachlan is home

We breathed a sigh of relief yesterday afternoon when Lachlan was finally released from the hospital, 11 days post-surgery. It was a rollercoaster of a ride, one which reminded me what my mantra was when I was having a rough mothering day - "at least we aren't in the hospital." Lachlan struggled with the hospital environment even though we were there with him all of the time. I think it must have been traumatizing for him to have been poked and prodded so often.

But we are home, and now is a time for healing. He's certainly not completely back to his mellow self yet, and seems to still be suffering from the post-surgery headache that can last for weeks. So we're cuddling up here, comforting a healing baby, re-adjusting to having a baby brother, trying to find the balance between productivity and rest.

Thank you again for all of your positive thoughts and prayers! I'll (hopefully) be back in this space regularly starting on Monday.