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yearning for normal

At a post-op check-up today, the doctors decided to re-admit Lachlan to the hospital due to an infection at his incision site.

If I can see through the tight throat and mother's heartache, I can tell you that my baby is feeling better. His smiles are more frequent, and he seemed to thrive in his nearly three days at home.

He will be getting the infected site drained this evening, and will be put on IV antibiotics. Hopefully the stay will be short. He doesn't have to be in the ICU, just a regular hospital room and he won't be hooked up to all of the wires that constantly measured his heart rate, breathing rate, etc. like before. We should be able to walk the halls with Lachlan in a sling, toting the IV pole behind us.

I'm trying to hold myself together. This isn't really a serious thing, but it is so stressful to be back in the hospital. Plus, I feel like Finn was just beginning to be at ease with his brother at home. This is tough. Wish us well these next few days.