raw-edged raglan
of apples and boys

sweet potatoes

purple sweet potatoes

Purple! The photo does not do this justice, my friends. In our CSA this week, we received the most gorgeous sweet potato, and I immediately set to work steaming it up for my little sweet potato.

purple sweet potatoes

When I originally set about this parenting gig I intended to make every single thing that entered my children's mouths from scratch. Since then I have achieved a healthy balance of concern for what my babies eat and kindness for myself. With Lachlan, I have other worries. But, paradoxically, I am very aware of giving my little fellow good, whole food. So although I don't fuss over it, I want to give him healthy, tasty meals so that his body can serve him well. 

So yes. I buy him organic baby food on occasion (rip off! I know!). But I also make it when I can. It's so easy. (And those little jars are so useful for so many things, including storing the homemade stuff.) 

purple sweet potatoes

Organically Raised: Conscious Cooking for Babies and Toddlers is a crunchy-granola-yummy-cookbook that I've been enjoying greatly this time around. The sweet potatoes, both steamed and baked, have been a hit with both boys.

I opened up one of those jars of pureed sweet potato while on a picnic and I looked down at the spoon and thought to myself, people will think that I'm feeding my baby neon purple play-doh, for sure! It is a striking color of purple.