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Welcome back to Kathy of Backwoods Mama Sewing Camps! Please read on to learn more and leave a comment to be entered to win a spot in the Indian Summer Sew Camp. 

Kathy Stowell is a home schooling mama of two who wishes to inspire others to embrace handmade and simple living. She is passionate about slowing down childhood by crafting a peaceful, bliss-filled home allowing time and room for children to unfold into their authentic, happy and quirky selves.


Meg: How does where you live influence your style and creativity? Explain to us a little more about the "backwoods" in the title of your e-course.

Kathy: My family and I made the move from the big city to a small rural mountain town six years ago. Thus my style is part country bumpkin, part downtown, part Gaia Rainbow Tree Hugger but always handmade or second hand. My mother teases me that from a distance I look like Paris Hilton out in the garden but I think that's due to my love of many colorful layers. And lap dogs in handbags.

The 'Backwoods' in Backwoods Mama is a nod to the desire in many of us to embrace a simpler time when most household items were made from scratch. So even without the immediate need to be self-sufficient the feeling of being able to tap into this instinct and create a tangible outcome such as a piece of clothing is empowering and a wonderful example to our children of the thoughtfulness and warm intentions behind handmade. Not to mention a fun challenge too! 

Meg: What hand sewn item of clothing do you wear the most, and why?

In terms of hours per wear I definitely wear my leggings most. From September 1st to May 31st if I'm without a layer hugging my legs I feel like I'm pretty much standing outside naked! And in terms of putting in on, then taking it off, then putting it back on several times a day, I wear my utility smock the most. I have three of these in rotation; one for spinning, one for sewing and one for milking. They are all decorated in their own unique flavor of backwoods-style debris.

Meg: Tell us about your Sew Camp! What can folks expect when they sign up?

Sew Camp is an opportunity to tackle quick, easy to whip up layering essentials for the backwoods frame of mind mama. These camps  offer perfect layering pieces to play in the garden in or to make a quick run into town for building supplies. There are currently two camps to choose from: Spring or Indian Summer. These e-courses are intended for the advanced beginner sewer (one who is familiar with how to make her sewing machine go and stop) with the need for practical yet stylish staples that will have you waving your made from scratch flag all the live long day.

With purchase of the course, you will receive the patterns in a pdf downloadable format, a password and link to a private blog where instructions, complete with photos and videos, to piece your Green Acres staples together. There is  also a flickr page to share your finished pieces with other backwoods mamas. As well, you are invited to contact me via email at any time with any questions if you get stumped. My backwoods door is always open to you!

Kathy is giving away three spots in the Indian Summer Sew Camp. Winners will be drawn at random and announced on Tuesday, November 1st. Good luck, and thank you, Kathy!

The winners have been drawn; congratulations to Milena, Dana and Sandy!