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things we do after nap :: painting the sky

the things we do after nap

fun activity afternoons

I've been trying to take a few pictures of the activities we've been doing when Finn wakes up from his nap. Open-ended art, sensorial activities - invitations to explore and experiment, if you will. Join me next week for Things We Do After Nap, a sharing of fun things to do with little ones in your home. Starring Finn and his trusty side-kick, Lachlan-The-Happy-Ham. 

I hope you will consider sharing the things you do after nap on your own blog, Flickr, or in the comments! This is a very open-ended invitation, and feel free to post daily or just once. I'll be doing a round-up post at the end of the week, linking to all of the Things You Do After Nap. Hopefully we'll have a nice bit of inspiration for rainy days.