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We're back from the beach! As always, there's a ton to do upon returning from vacation - bare cupboards to fill, a birthday celebration for my three year-old to plan and attend, gardens to weed, work deadlines to meet ... the list goes on. 

Just a quick post today, but I wanted to share with you this tender experience between my boys this morning. Finn wanted to show Lachlan how to write letters and suggested bringing over the high chair for him. It worked really well. There was space enough for both of them at the desk, and being in the high chair kept Lachlan busy on his own side of the desk, rather than "rearranging" Finn's work, as he is apt to do. The whole thing was so sweet. They did this for half and hour, and would have spent more time there, but it was time to head out the door.

Mariah of Playful Learning just did a round-up post of other writing centers if you'd like to take a look. Lots of inspiration there!