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hello, neighbor




We got out of the house early this morning, trying to get our wiggles out before needing to retreat indoors in the heat of the day. We're expecting 105 F, with humidity. A nice, warm blanket in the middle of summer!


Our neighbors got some new cows in the pasture across the street from us. We now have a toddler who goes around mooing, cheerfully waving, and saying "hi" to his new neighbors. Always the charmer, that Lachlan. Can't go anywhere without making a new friend - human or animal.


I know I said that Patrick was taking the reins of the blog in my last post, but apparently I have an addiction, so here I am. Hi. 


I fell asleep last night reading my new book. Loving it, even though most of the recipes are too animal-y for this vegetarian family. Jenny's way of writing is humorous, accessible, and refreshing. 


Speaking of books, I updated our reading lists in the side bar. Finn, in particular, has some good summertime reads.


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Stay cool, friends. Happy weekending to you!