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Fun and Fundraising

Hi, Charlotte here again!  Meg is still busy preparing for Quilt Market.  I'm thrilled to be posting again and sharing my thoughts with all of you, her kind and wonderful readers.  Can I let you in on a secret?  Meg's Quilt Market booth is AMAZING.  I got to see it last weekend and WOW!  There's no doubt she is a designer to the core.  I sure hope she posts pictures after the big weekend!  You won't believe it's just a bit of plywood.

Last weekend we visited a lovely farm fundraiser to support Eyes, Ears, Nose and Paws.  We initially went because they had an afternoon of hayrides, games, entertainers and food all included in one $15 adult ticket, and kids were only $5.  This organization trains service animals, but we weren't fully aware of that until our arrival, when we met the lovely dogs.

Our beloved dog Abby has been gone from us for just over a year.  She was amazing; the best dog I've ever seen.  She fetched the paper, she never barked unless it was absolutely called for, and she let kids love on her without complaint even when they were rough.  She was perfectly trained and very mannerly.  She was my baby before my human babies came along and for a long while we couldn't even think of getting a new dog.  But now some time has gone by and we miss having a dog in the mix.  Even my husband, who is not a pet lover, has agreed that a furry friend should join us.  But maybe we won't get a pet.  Maybe it's time for us to consider a puppy with a higher purpose.  Meet EENP.

After learning more about their services, we jumped into the fun!  Free ice cream!  Bubbles!  Face painting!

Have you met Kaylynn yet?  This is my oldest.  She'll be 10 in a week!

And can you believe it?  We won TWO of the door prizes!  

 This hand-painted candle and a nice compact flashlight.  I never win these kinds of things!  Then the kids wanted to get face paint.  I'm not sure why they chose cats at a dog event, but we went with it.

Yes, that's me.  The whole gang's here: Mama, Kenzie, KC, Kristin, Kaylynn. 

Hug your dogs extra hard for me today, ok?