a good bit of winter, just in the nick of time
the evolution of a space

little brown eggs


As if they had a calendar hanging in their coop, our hens decided that the day before the vernal equinox was the perfect time to lay their first handful of eggs.



We're all delighted, especially the littlest among us, who claimed these mini-eggs as his own, no doubt due to the fact that they fit quite well in his hand. And look at those orange yolks! I suppose the ladies are getting great nutrition by pecking around our yard (and on our compost pile, which I think we'll rename the chicken pile, because they don't leave much food scraps behind.) 

Yesterday was my 32nd birthday, and it was a peaceful, slow day. Today Finn is sort of sick - had a fever last night - so we're laying low and spending the whole day at home. I realize how infrequently that happens. It's just the kind of day to plant some seeds in trays and eat leftovers.

Many of you have requested a series of posts on the activities that the boys are into nowadays that keep them happily busy around the house. I think that sounds like a great idea and I'll be putting together some photos/words for you. 

Warm Spring wishes!