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mellow play

Perhaps it was all the hoopla of the run up to the Birthday (anyone who has had a four year-old will know why that is capitalized. It was Such A Big Deal.) Perhaps it's just the pendulum swing of spring weather. Whatever it was, Finn came down with a cold and spent a day on the couch. He's feeling better today, though still not well enough to be out and about doing our normal activities.


After we read through the pile of books, we decided to set up this dinosaur small world play stage. I found the idea from Fantastic Fun and Learning via The P.L.A.Y. Group - a great Pinterest board. 




He loved it, and ended up adding other features like a grass bird's nest and a sandy beach. I'm going to try to keep this set up next to our small, backyard pond until the mosquitos become an issue! 

here we are


It's been a while! Although I didn't intend to put the blog down for a nap, it ended up being a nice, long one and I think we've both emerged from a very refreshing sleep.


I suppose it was only the blog that was napping, though. I spent that extra time being really present with these little boys, without a to-do list nipping at my heels. We gathered with friends. We played games. We did art. We planted our garden. I started going to our local Y three times a week and it's been the best decision that I've made in a long time. And we just celebrated my firstborn's fouth birthday, which is always my Mother's Day.


I'm hoping that those of you who are mamas had a lovely weekend. This quote has provided me with clarity on my journey as of late. May you enjoy your art.

The art of mothering is teaching the art of living to children.

~Elaine Heffner