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Thank you to all who have sent along little notes of gratitude and concern, wondering if we were all okay and what precipitated my long absence from this space. You are dear. 

We did summer in a quiet way, but somehow managed to frame the season with trips to the beach. It was fortuitous, really, because in between these trips I was rather incapacitated. Unable to write, unable to do much of anything but sleep when not mothering my boys, unable to enjoy a simple meal. But I was not sick! A bit worried, yes, until we received the word from Lachlan's cardiologist that this baby's heart was beating strongly with no signs of a congenital heart defect. Our baby, a little girl, will join our family in mid-January! 

I do hope that's a good enough excuse for the radio static on my end. :) Will you let me know if you're still here? I'd love to continue this conversation as we have for so many years.