maternity sewing
looking back on squam

a guest post from Finn

Needing to pinch myself here, but I'm in a cabin alongside the serene Squam Lake in New Hampshire, attending the Taproot Gathering. The call of a loon echoes through the hushed woods, followed by laughter. My first class, the Herbal First Aid, begins in a few minutes.

During my creative retreat, I thought I would share some of Finn's most recent photographs with you. It's so eye opening to see what a four year-old can capture with the lens - things of interest to him, at his level. Quotes are from Finn.

See you back here next week with a full update and photos from Squam!

photo by Finn

"I took this picture of my shadow."

photo by Finn

"That's Lachlan. I took lots of pictures of him playing with rocks because he's always playing with rocks."

photo by Finn

"I found this cool spider."

photo by Finn

"That's my hammer for breaking rocks to look for dinosaur fossils."

photo by Finn

"That's Lachlan's face."

photo by Finn

"That's the Morning Glory on the porch."


"I took a picture of the sun particles."