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September 2017

eloflex makes sewing with knits a breeze

One of my "things" is helping everyone feel capable of sewing with knit fabrics, especially sewists who don't own a serger. There are just so many benefits to sewing with knits - forgiving fit and blissful comfort to name a few. Some kids (my boys included) will often balk at wearing anything else. 


I highlight some of my favorite sewing-with-knits tips in my latest pattern, the Stasia Dress. But this time, I have something else up my sleeve. Literally. It's called Eloflex, an elasticated thread from Coats that has really blown my sewing-with-knits mind. This stuff acts like regular thread - you can sew a regular straight stitch with it - and it will STRETCH! As someone who owns a serger, but no coverstitch machine, this means that all of my hems and finishing work no longer have to bear the telltale "homemade" zigzag. 
I made this Stasia Dress exclusively with Eloflex (in the bobbin and on the spool), a straight stitch, and a stretch needle. It came together quickly and without a hitch. I just needed to adjust my tension slightly and put my walking foot on the machine to handle the slightly slinky fabric. I used a twin needle with Eloflex to finish my hems, which look like they are coverstitched, but you could opt for a single line of stitching as well, and still have a nice looking finish. Now I have my eyes on a swimwear (without zigzag finishes!), lingerie, and plenty of hems for kids' clothing. 
I have a packet of 12 Eloflex spools to give to one of my readers! Just comment below and I'll pick a comment number at random by Friday, September 29. You can also register over at Coats for their Eloflex giveaway, too. And start thinking about all the projects you could make with this stuff. Here's my list: a Sophie Swimsuit, a few Harriet Bras, some workout tights made in a funky Spoonflower print, a handful of Flashback Skinny Tees for my boys, and a few Playtime Dresses (and leggings) for Sadie.