little red wagon

Thanks a whole bunch for all of your photobook suggestions! Now I just have to decide which service to use and jump in. I also love that many of you have been using photobooks to document a year in the life of your child, giving the gift as a birthday present. Lightbulb moment! I happen to have a little guy about to turn ONE in almost exactly a month. ONE! And it's a big one. 

the wagon

If I could afford to give a little red wagon at every baby shower I was invited to, I would. It's the one toy that I think is worth having around for the older baby. (Other toys? Especially for this age? Let's just say that the world is their playground, and I think it better to give kitchen utensils if you can't afford the wagon! ;)

We've had so many good times with this wagon of ours. (Oh my heart. I just found these pictures of when Finn was the same age as Lachlan is now.) We never put it away - it's been in constant use since Finn was about eight months old. The wagon and the kitchen.

the wagon

It's proven to be an agent of mischief, 

the wagon

of many laughs,

the wagon

and even of sibling connection. This is the big one right now - Lachlan can push Finn around (slowly) and Finn can push Lachlan around (quickly) and they both think it's just the bee's knees. Finn also enjoys following Lachlan around and helping him turn. As he says, "Lachie, you're always bumping into things! Let me help you get unstuck." Yay! I like hearing that. It's better than "Mama, help! HELP! Lachlan wants to play with my tractor and he CAN'T! He's going to EAT IT!

the wagon

Thank you, little red wagon. You're a toy that they're likely to remember when they're being nostalgic about such things when they're in their twenties. 

the second time around

treasure basket fun

treasure basket fun

treasure basket fun

Not only does Lachlan wear all of Finn's baby clothes ... he gets hand-me-down parenting ideas, too. Fortunately for him, there are some things that don't lose their luster with use, and one of those things is the treasure basket.

He started sitting up with confidence about a week ago. He would veer to one side and topple over after a few minutes. Then I put him in front of a treasure basket and he sat there, enthralled, for nearly an hour. I kid you not! Talk about sitting stamina. This is baby concentration at its best. Finn was the same way with his basket. It must cast some sort hypnotic spell over six month-olds. 

Eventually, he flipped himself onto his back, announcing the end of the play session - we had a few ticklish belly laughs, and he fell promptly asleep. Hard work!


lachlan's bubble pants + envelope tee

lachlan's bubble pants + envelope tee 7

Lachlan got some new, cloth diaper-friendly duds - the Reversible Bubble Pants and the Envelope Tee from Growing Up Sew Liberated. (Thanks to my friend and super-seamstress Kim, who whipped these up for me. No way in a blue moon would I find the time to make anything myself this week!)

lachlan's bubble pants + envelope tee 6

Remember Finn's pants?

lachlan's bubble pants + envelope tee

The published pants pattern is sized to fit newborns - 2 year olds, and has some new bells and whistles. The elasticated ankle cuffs help keep the pants from falling down over those cute toesies when they are crawling (or walking) around. You can make the pants using either knit or woven fabric, with or without the cuff.

lachlan's bubble pants + envelope tee 2

What? We were blogging about an outfit? Bet you didn't even notice the outfit. I forgot for a second while looking at that cute face.

lachlan's bubble pants + envelope tee 5

Combine the Reversible Bubble Pants with Rae's Big Butt Baby Pants pattern, and you have yourself all you need to clothe a cloth-diapered babe (or any babe, for that matter.)

The fabric is from Nani Iro's new cotton knit line. Here's a bit of fun news - we'll soon (within a month?) be offering fabric & notions kits to go along with my patterns. This will be one of the kits! My studio is filling up with bolts of mouth-watering Japanese fabrics and other yummy textiles.

fightin' irish

Wanna fight?

(Perhaps he has some fighting Irish in him after all, what with both parents being alumni.)

oh, just kidding

Ah, just kidding! I'm a lover not a fighter! And I prefer sewing to football.


lachlan's first bath

first bath

first bath 3

Wait! Before you judge me for being a negligent mother and not giving my (surely very stinky) baby a bath for the first ten weeks of his life ... ;)

The last of Lachlan's scab on his scar recently fell off, which meant that we were finally able to give him a proper bath! A big milestone! No more sponge bathing (wait ... until the next surgery which is fast approaching. Oh well. We'll enjoy these real baths while we can!) Lachlan sure loved it. In his typical contemplative manner, he soaked up every moment of the enjoyable experience.


lachlan's many faces

lachlan's many faces 10

lachlan's many faces 8

lachlan's many faces 7

lachlan's many faces 4

lachlan's many faces 2

lachlan's many faces 6

lachlan's many faces 3

lachlan's many faces 1

lachlan's many faces 12

lachlan's many faces 13

I wish I could change my expressions every two seconds like a two month-old. Think of the emotional freedom and the face workout. Then again, people would probably raise their eyebrows at me. But boy-oh-boy, are these variable expressions ever so cute on a two month-old! Oh yes. I could eat him up all day long.

six-ish weeks

lachlan at the park

It's been quite a week. So many little smiles, so many kisses, and a handful of tears for good measure, making it a thoroughly human experience.

Daddy has been gone this week, off doing some historical research.

We'll be so happy to have him back tonight. At which time Mima and I will check out and sleep for eighteen hours straight.

Wishing you a lovely weekend!

in the beginning


brothers 2

Dear Boys,

When you first met, one of you squealed with overflowing excitement and touched the other's hand with a big grin. You napped together that afternoon, both of you with your hands above your heads (just like your Daddy.) The days and nights moved along and their rhythmic dance filled our lives with many unforgettable firsts, like the first time you felt a twinge of jealousy, Finn, when I turned my head from you to comfort Lachlan while you nursed to sleep.

Lachlan, your first experiences of brotherhood were in the womb, as you were smooshed and poked by Finn's elbows and toes as he read books in Mama's lap. Your extra-utero experiences are not much different, although they are complimented by the fascinating visual and auditory experience that is your big brother. You gave him a big smile today, and Finn gave you one of many unsolicited smooches on your cheek.

You may smoosh and poke each other on occasion, but you already feel such love, each in his own way.



one little moment

a moment 1

a moment 2

a moment 4

a moment 3

a moment 5

a moment 6

Some moments are just perfect, even if they are messy. Messy moments (both literally and figuratively) offer me insight into my inner life in a way that pristine, perfect moments just don't. I'm really enjoying this book on the subject of mindful parenting. It's provided me with a lot of peace in this new phase of family life.

I must cut this short. One child is loudly and urgently requesting a pickle and the other has just spit up. I'll let you guess who is who.

A pickle can count for lunch, don't you think?


The tabletop easel is from Michael Olaf's Joyful Child catalog - it's nice to have a tiny easel, given that our studio is just a small bedroom and wall space is at a premium. Plus, it's the perfect size for a toddler.




Yesterday afternoon, Lachlan came home. Home to sunlight, home to a breeze, home to a big brother, home to squeals of said big brother, home to quiet music, home to cat whiskers, home to the sounds of washing the dishes, home to swaying branches, home to us. Welcome home, little lamb. We think you'll like it here.

last minutes in the hospital

first car ride

finn and mama at lachlan's homecoming

lachlan and mima

nap buddies


slinging it